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Published: 01st September 2010
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"Quality", "Speed" and "price" is the magic weapon. In the past, customers could only get the three in both, but as people of high quality, wide growing demand for color images, they have to meet these three requirements. Large Format Printing to adapt to emerging markets, the rapid formation of its market and to continue to expand the relevant applications, and large format digital inkjet printing will become increasingly fierce market competition.

One, the advantages of large format printing Association of American NPES

large format digital inkjet printing market had conducted an investigation and found a huge market, the annual production value of about 11 billion U.S. dollars. And any company engaged in the digital prepress operations can quickly acquire large format inkjet printer, and get excellent value for money.

CAD market with new vitality. With the automation of buildings, modern architecture and sophisticated instrumentation design complexity increasing need to design drawings of the layers have become more complex, merely by improving the efficiency point of view, to CAD as the chief representative of the engineering drawing Inkjet Applications will also be completely hand-drawing the liberation of the shackles of the efficiency, especially for the Chinese market in a timely AutoCAD2005 Chinese market, China's CAD market is more energized, and large format inkjet printers will also be benefited. With the acceleration of informatization construction in China has greatly boosted the digital CAD, GIS areas of market development, advertising boom also led the digital proofing, color printing needs. Especially on the environmental requirements, next year, China will stop outside the printing, disable lead material, large format inkjet printing market, virtually gave tremendous business opportunities.

GIS field application generally. Geographic Information is the most basic information, but also people's daily life, leading policy-making often used data. Although the original data can be displayed by the computer or projector, but the visual graph paper can give engineers more convenience, especially on distant objects from the interval to do comparative analysis, it is a large format drawings irreplaceable advantages, so in the GIS field has a very popular large-format printing applications.

cost advantage. The current use of inkjet digital proofing of printing companies are more and more ink-jet printing to save space and manpower, the management of the production process easier. Completely avoid the traditional process of printing color correction phenomenon would be a waste of printed material. Providing the final materials by fast, high quality and accurate printing samples, wide-format printing can also provide proofing process screen printing support.

adapt to emerging markets. Inkjet printing is a digital file (standard format) direct printing, no plate, a business within minutes of receiving the order can be printed. Ink-jet printing process easy and efficient: documents were queues on a file in the printing, paper lined up to be printed next. If a printer is equipped with a drying system, the front line of a living document also dry, the next living conditions have begun to print a. Whether we are now a variety of advertising signs everywhere, or just starting photography printing, large format printers are the market to display their talents.

comparative advantage. Large format printers are productive operation, the core value of its services to customers operating profit more rich, containing the profit in this point which is much larger than ordinary office products. Thus, large format inkjet printer quality and efficiency have become the most concern to users, more competition is reflected in the technology and brand, of course, is obvious scope for the development and trends.

Second, large format market has great potential

According to a U.S. research company's survey, commercial printers are missing in large format printing opportunities for significant gains in the field. The report shows that in the commercial printing companies can provide value-added services in all the potential, large format printing is the most potential, and most easily overlooked opportunities. Large Format Printing presence in the market time is not short, but only because of the recent innovations in technology have greatly changed, it attracted the attention of the industry.

Today, in a variety of printing materials for large format printing needs of more and more, advertising agencies, design studios, poster posters, indoor / outdoor POP advertising and retail logo and business needs of large format display technology have support.

Is now more professional company to complete the work, rather than commercial printers, service companies, community identity, screen printing and photo agencies can provide large format output services, but this does not mean Commercial printers can not be from a share.

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