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Published: 04th August 2010
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40 years ago, a Chinese-American physician wrote a letter, "New England Journal of Medicine" to easy style to describe his recent trip to a Chinese restaurant appetite, numbness after the results home, palpitations, weakness and other symptoms, he suspected culprit is chef put too much in the dishes in "monosodium glutamate."

Glutamate Chinese name is "MSG", it has since become public health enemy, cute too. This came in 1908, after the 1950 season much popular saint goods overnight labeled "toxic" label, catering and food industry was severely affected, especially the target for a Chinese restaurant; MSG-induced various symptoms, simply called "Chinese Restaurant Syndrome."

Spite of the health hazards of the myth of MSG has been no medical findings. 1987 and 1995, two large-scale study, those in charge are the World Health Organization and the United States Food and Drug Administration have shown that as long as not a lot of intake, MSG no negative impact on human health. New York University nutrition professor Naisuo absolutely clear: there is no clinical evidence that MSG harmful to health.

The other hand, MSG has not really disappeared from the American table, but incarnation as "autolysis of yeast," "hydrolyzed soy protein," "protein concentrates" and other names, to continue as a variety of Seasoning , Canned soup, cookies, Yogurt Essential ingredients to play kingmaker in effect.

Many restaurant and food industry, but has been a loyal supporter of monosodium glutamate. Jinshan is pulled from Thai chili poor, the Caribbean island of GoyaSazon, Costa Rica SalsaLizano, British Marmite yeast paste, to Japan Qiubishala sauce, are the main component of MSG contains glutamate. From Switzerland, the marketing world, "Maggi" (Maggi) Series seasoning, there are a variety of products containing sodium glutamate.

Main function of MSG is that it have a "flavor" as a kind of amino acids, when MSG is when people eat, the tongue to stimulate the taste buds at the amino acid receptors, we can make people feel the delicious flavor. Our daily life on the salt and MSG and other spices need to just taste some extent on a habit, not a real physical needs; and more people with high blood pressure, the more insensitive taste, the more we ask taste thick, so it is easy to form a vicious circle. In order to fundamentally blood pressure under control, they should eat less salt and MSG.

MSG should pay special attention in temperature, not too early to put MSG, sodium glutamate at 120 for more than a chemical change will become the focus of glutamate is not only delicious decline, there are minor toxicity, it should normally be Chuguo MSG added before. Also, avoid MSG and baking soda with the use of alkali or so to become one of sodium glutamate, disodium glutamate lose flavor.

MSG food tips: Strong alkaline food should not use monosodium glutamate sodium glutamate sodium activity in the high, easy chemical reaction with alkali to produce a kind of bad smell, disodium glutamate, the role of loss of flavor. Therefore, the strong alkaline seaweed, squid and other dishes not add MSG.

Sour cuisine should not use MSG MSG case of acid insoluble, acid the greater the solubility the lower the MSG does not work.

Cold dishes do not directly add MSG MSG above 70 can be fully dissolved. Cold dish low temperature, easy dissolved directly into glutamate, such as pre-opening with a small amount of warm water, then poured cold dish, the little turned mixed, is better.

Do not use MSG to do when filling when the filling into the MSG, either steamed or broiled, are subject to continuous high temperatures, so MSG degeneration, the role of loss of flavor.

In particular should not use MSG, fresh ingredients such as mushrooms, shiitake mushrooms, chicken, beef, fish and shrimp production in the Hohai in fresh vegetables and, in particular, because they themselves have a certain taste, bad taste instead of MSG.

Delivery in three months by mothers and infants should not be adding too much food dishes because of monosodium glutamate monosodium glutamate monosodium glutamate in food into the baby through breast milk or body, the blood of infants and young children with zinc with specificity, generated not by the body with zinc absorption and utilization of glutamic acid excreted in urine, resulting in infant zinc deficiency. MSG and chicken

Explanation nutritional differences Many consumers believe that MSG is a chemical synthetic substances, is not only no nutrition, eat but also harmful. Chicken is different, as the main raw material is made of chicken, not only nutritious, and safe. Thus, we often see, some people fear that MSG when cooking to avoid the not and, but put on the chicken feel how much can be released when. In fact, the chicken and not much difference between monosodium glutamate.

Chicken contains 40% MSG Although most of the packaging of chicken have read, "Few words are used to made of", "really made of superior chicken," but it is not as we imagine it, mainly by chicken, chicken made of bone or concentrated extracts of natural spices. It is in fact the main component of MSG (glutamate sodium) and salt. Among them, MSG accounted for 40% of the total composition, in addition to sugar, chicken or chicken bone powder, spices, IMP, GMP, chicken flavor essence, Starch And other composite materials made of.

Very little reason why the taste of chicken, mainly including the role of monosodium glutamate. In addition, IMP, GMP is to help fresh agent, also has the effect of seasoning, and they and the glutamate binding, allowing the freshness of chicken softer, more mellow taste, fullness, and more rich flavor. The chicken in the real chicken flavor, mainly from chicken, chicken bone, which is in fresh chicken and chicken derives. Chicken flavor essence can also be used to Chicken of the "chicken flavor" thicken; the role of starch is to make chicken granular or powder.

High and low nutrient Chicken and monosodium glutamate which nutrition higher still? MSG mainly through Rice , Corn and other grain or molasses, used to extract microbial fermentation formed. Its main ingredient is sodium glutamate, is a kind of amino acids, but also constitutes a major component of protein. Chicken ingredients as monosodium glutamate complex than that, the nutrients are more complete. In addition to sodium glutamate, it also contains many vitamins and minerals.

Can supplement the body's amino acid glutamate, is conducive to the promotion and maintenance of brain function. Because of its excellent flavor, it can enhance a person's appetite. MSG help increase the body's digestion of food. In addition, the main component of MSG in sodium glutamate also has chronic hepatitis, hepatic coma, neurasthenia, epilepsy,

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